Founder, GC Talks

Meet Guilene Charlotte

Guilene Charlotte is a sophisticated woman whose desire is to see a multitude of women walk in their full potential. She desires to empower women across the nation and is an influencer to her generation. Guilene grew up an orphan and was raised by her loving siblings which has provided her with a great sense of perspective. Guilene Charlotte continues to use her life experiences, passion, and personality to impact women across the nation through her talkshow and foundation, GC Talkshow and GC Foundation (GCF) respectively. A woman who wears many hats, Guilene has branched out from her talkshow to also launch her own foundation that is currently based in Burundi. The foundation serves to provide young people around the globe with an opportunity to achieve the future of their dreams through education

GC Talkshow is to empower women all over the world, and educate them to walk in their full potential. The show features informed guests who offer insight, debate and evaluate various issues. After the show’s final episode of the debut season, it received great feedback from viewers across Canada, and as wide as Europe and Africa as well.